We have decided to receive Ukrainian refugees in Poland. In Poland (Jaworzno, 300 km from the Ukrainian border) we have a large production location with an empty office villa on the site. The villa is well heated and has 6 large areas with sanitary facilities. We can easily accommodate 20 – 30 people in the villa. We work together with the local authorities. A bankrupt hotel in Jaworzno has also been released for shelter, where 20 people have now been taken care of and another 20 people will come there this week. Then we will start receiving people.

There is a particular need for donations in order to arrange things locally. There is no scarcity of goods yet except that people are currently hoarding fuel and some filling stations are out of petrol/diesel, and on the other hand there is a need for basic medicines and bandages. These products are immediately collected and taken to the front in Ukraine to treat the wounded. At the moment we will focus on getting donations and collecting basic medicines, painkillers, disinfectants, iodine, bandages and plasters.

You can donate via:

IBAN:                                 NL45 ABNA 0818 8524 10

In the name of:                 Trahecon Holding BV

With notice:                     Refugees Ukraine

Contact person for basic medicines and bandages: Arjan van Schaik – info@trahecon.nl

Update March 9, 2022

The refugees are received in various places in the city, including our office building, which was empty. More than € 15,000 has now been donated by employees, suppliers and customers, and we have also received relief supplies. Last week the first shipment went to Poland, the second left today (photo). There are now approximately 1.5 million refugees in Poland. So any help is welcome. Especially in the form of donations, so that things can be arranged locally. That is simpler and cheaper (purchase and transport). Through this way we thank everyone who helped us.