Project Developer

As a project developer you are an active player in new builds, renovative and transformative construction projects.

Your goal is simple: building or upgrading property by constructing or remodelling to a high standard, while also focusing on sustainability. Do you prefer working with industry players who – like you – want to reach new heights? Then consider getting to know Trahecon for your fencing, balustrades, glass railings, stairways and construction needs. We appreciate getting involved at the early stages of a project (for no additional cost!) and figuring out the construction process, materials and technical feasibility together. Our engineers possess massive innovative talent, and their solutions immediately add value to your projects. We will figure out the economic viability for you, comparing the lifetime cycle to the overall cost. And later, during realisation, you can be assured of a motivated and competent partner with a high delivery reliability.


Are you interested in learning more about the people of Trahecon?

Frank Schutselaars, technical commercial advisor, will be happy to visit you if desired.

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