01 03 2022

Trahecon helps Ukrainian refugees

We have decided to host Ukrainian refugees in Poland. In Poland (Jaworzno, 300 km from the Ukrainian border) we have a large production site with an empty office villa on the premises. The villa is well heated and has 6 large rooms with sanitary facilities. In the villa we can easily accommodate 20 – 30 people. We are cooperating with the local authorities on this. Also in Jaworzno, a bankrupt hotel has been released for shelter, 20 people have already been sheltered there and another 20 people will come there this week. After that we will start taking in people.

There is a particular need for donations so that we can arrange things locally. There is no scarcity of goods yet with the exception that people are currently hoarding fuel and some gas stations are running out of gasoline/diesel, and on the other hand there is a need for basic medicines and bandages. These products are immediately collected and taken to the front in Ukraine to care for wounded people. Right now we are going to focus on bringing in donations and collecting basic medicines, painkillers, disinfectants, iodine, bandages and bandages.

Donations can be made through:
IBAN:                                 NL45 ABNA 0818 8524 10
In the name of:                Trahecon Holding BV
With notice:            Refugees Ukraine
Contact person for basic medicine and bandages: Arjan van Schaik – info@trahecon.nl

25 02 2022

Everdina Polder at Sommelsdijk

In Sommelsdijk, Everdinapolder forms the transition from the village to the open polder landscape of Goeree Overflakkee. The plan will have a green and village-like appearance. There will be 57 homes and 41 ‘Zorghuys Flakkee’ care apartments.

Trahecon will be supplying various fencing systems for the 41 care apartments and 27 lifelong homes: lamella fencing for balconies, stairwells and French balconies, wall railings and parapet railings.

Client: Estate invest
Contractor: Construction Company Stout B.V.
Architect: Ziggurat

Completion: 2023

28 04 2021

Haags Buiten at The Hague

In a beautiful residential area in The Hague, several houses were built by  ABB Bouwgroep for the project Haags Buiten. Kampman Architecten Architects’ plan has variety of apartments, family homes, waterfront homes and townhouses. For the townhouses, Trahecon was able to provide the French balcony railings and parapet railings.

Delivery: 2021

18 02 2021

Scheveningseweg at Scheveningen

On the Scheveningseweg in Scheveningen, Trahecon delivered the project of the same name. The cooperation between client Amvest Amsterdam, PBV Architects Wassenaar and KLUNDER ARCHITECTEN Rotterdam and the realization by Slokker Bouwgroep led to the transformation of the old UWV office into a beautiful and special apartment complex. The buildings mountains a total of 143 apartments combined with a parking basement.

Trahecon provided the buildings with various fencing, divided into parapet fencing and French balcony fencing. An attractive privacy screen was installed as a partition between the balconies and terraces. Hereby, the parapets of the balconies were also provided with parapet fences in a lamella and glass version.

Delivery: 2021

24 01 2020

De Kreek community center in Spijkenisse

Hoogvliet Totaalonderhoud commissioned Trahecon to replace the balustrades on the gallery for building Wijkcentrum De Kreek in Spijkenisse. The existing plate balustrades were removed and replaced with new balustrades with aluminum set sheet metal, giving the building a sleek look again.

In this project, Trahecon has shown to be a suitable partner for renovation jobs as well.

More photos: Wijkcentrum De Kreek in Spijkenisse

Delivery: 2020

16 01 2020

SHARE at Park 20|20 in Hoofddorp

In the past, Trahecon received an order from IBB Kondor to supply various fencing and steel stairs at Park 20|20. Following this, Trahecon was commissioned to supply the stair railings and wall handrails for the SHARE project at Park 20|20 in Hoofddorp.

The architecture of Park 20|20 is people-oriented and a community where creative professionals meet and inspire each other. Monumental buildings of glass and steel with striking atriums and high-quality finishes are combined with ergonomic elements and lots of greenery.

Delivery: 2020

Architect: William McDonough + Partners

13 12 2019

28 care apartments Spreeuwenstraat at Nijmegen

Trahecon realized various balustrades and stairs for the 28 care apartments Spreeuwenstraat project in Nijmegen. The project consists of a small-scale urban and architectural infill. At the current location there is a bed store which is to make way for the 28 two-room care apartments. The complex is compact and fits in with the garden village-like character of the Nightingale Square and its surroundings.

Client: Hendriks bouw en ontwikkeling Oss
Architect: opZoom architects bv

Delivery: 2020

29 11 2019

Houthavens phase 4 in Amsterdam

Following three phases of Houthavens pier 2, Trahecon also supplied the balustrades for phase 4 on behalf of M.J. de Nijs en Zonen BV.

Amsterdam’s Houthaven has undergone a metamorphosis. Cargo ships from all over Europe used to unload their cargo here. Now it is a fantastic place to live, just 10 minutes from the lively center of our capital city.

We are proud to have made an important contribution to the appearance of the homes.

Architect: Topos architecture & engineering

Delivery: 2020

18 11 2019

Kruidenbuurt in Eindhoven

Commissioned by Stam and de Koning, Trahecon realized the balustrades for the new Kruidenbuurt in Eindhoven.

In the typical Eindhoven district of Stratum lies the Kruidenbuurt. A pleasantly diverse neighborhood that has been renovated considerably in recent years with very diverse homes.

Trahecon provided phase IV with, among other things, French balconies for an appropriate appearance.

Architect: AWG Antwerp & Hoen architects

Delivery: 2020

04 11 2019

Baronie Haven Phase 2 in Alphen aan den Rijn

For the project Baronie Haven Phase 2 in Alphen aan den Rijn, Trahecon supplied various balustrades. The Baronie is a historic site in Alphen aan den Rijn. When the Chocolate Factory was built in 1954, it stood in an undeveloped polder. Since then, this area has grown into a thriving center for living, working and shopping. The second phase involved the realization of the boathouse with its striking roof construction and balustrades fitted with glass clamps, making the appearance of the building very much in keeping with its watery surroundings.

Client: BVR
Architect: Bureau voor Stedenbouw & Architectuur Wim de Bruijn

Delivery: 2020

24 10 2019

Westerschans at Goes

On the Westhavendijk in Goes, Trahecon supplied and installed various fencing systems and spiral staircases on behalf of Aannemersbedrijf Van der Poel B.V.

The Westerschans Blok 1B project forms an important urban link in the new residential and shopping area. The upper floors contain 27 owner-occupied apartments, spread over 4 floors. The building is characterized by the rounded and transparent shapes on which Trahecon mounted the circular and undulating railings. The design of the railings fits in nicely with the ’18 water homes in Arnemuiden’ project, which Trahecon also supplied on behalf of Aannemersbedrijf Van der Poel B.V.

Architect: Jeanne Dekkers Architecture

Delivery: 2020

18 10 2019

Oostenburg block 3 and 5 in Amsterdam

Trahecon was commissioned by Van Wijnen to engineer, manufacture and assemble the balustrades for the Oostenburg Block 3 and 5 project in Amsterdam. Oostenburg is a new urban district with approximately 1,800 homes with a nice mix of rental housing, owner-occupied apartments, self-built homes, recreational areas, restaurants and businesses. The historical core of Oostenburg has been preserved, in the form of the 19th-century Van Gendthallen, the monumental Werkspoor hall, the old quay walls and the iconic blue crane trestles of Werkspoor.

The 2 blocks feature slat fencing, glass fencing, mesh fencing and slab fencing.

Delivery: 2020

14 10 2019

Tobias Asserlaan in Tilburg

On the Tobias Asserlaan in Tilburg, two new apartment complexes have been built by construction combination Remmers Bouwbedrijf and Alphons Coolen Bouw BV.

The complex has been developed together with the future residents, so that coordination with regard to the spatial layout has been adapted to the needs of the residents. The 62 apartments have been fitted with over 900 linear meters of glass balustrades, stair railings, wall handrails and privacy screens.

A very nice project on which Trahecon was allowed to collaborate!

Architect: DAT De Architectenwerkgroep Tilburg

Delivery: 2020

04 10 2019

Hustenweg at Empel

On the Hustenweg in Empel, van Wanrooij developed 24 owner-occupied houses and 35 rental apartments.

All houses and apartments are gas-free and very energy efficient, or in other words with an EPC of no more than 0.

The apartment complex is equipped with steel spiral staircases and fencing, whereby the fencing was filled with expanded metal.

Architect: De Twee Snoeken

26 09 2019

Burano in Zaandam

Commissioned by Stebru, Trahecon supplied and installed the balustrades for the Project Burano in Zaandam

Burano is located on the location where a Post NL sorting center used to be, on the Mahoniehout in the station area of ​​Zaandam:

  • 144 life-resistant apartments;
  • divided over 3 buildings of six to thirteen floors high;
  • Commercial spaces have been realized in the plinth of the building.

The new homes are made to fit in with the transformation of the station area, which has been transformed in recent years from a site with outdated offices and business spaces into a highly urban residential and shopping environment.

Architect: Architects van Mourik

Delivery balustrades: 2020

19 09 2019

Zijlsingel in Leiden

Across the famous flour factory in the bustling center of Leiden, 46 new apartments have been realized by JOBO De Bouwer.
It concerns 2 apartment complexes, each with its own appearance, equipped with balustrades of glass; provided by Trahecon.
The glass French balconies are based on 30 minutes fire resistant glass. The whole building is built in a steel frame.

Architect Goran Zivkovic

06 09 2019

Living and working in the Melbourne complex

The Melbourne complex is a high-quality business complex of 24 residential and work units in Lijnden.

  • The ground floor offers space for a commercial space and on the first floor there is the possibility for a commercial residence.
  • The first floor can be used entirely as a living area and has access to a spacious indoor balcony fitted with Trahecon glass balustrades.

The project has already been carried out for RegioBouw Haarlemmermeer BV.

Client: Henriet & Bloom Real Estate B.V

Architect: Horsman Venekamp Architecten

Delivery: 2019

29 08 2019

Havenkade at Middelharnis

Trahecon supplied the balustrades for construction company Stout for the Havenkade project in Middelharnis.

The Havenkade project is located on the South Holland island of Goeree-Overflakkee.
The project is embedded between the harbor, green dikes, authentic buildings and even a forest.
The center of Middelharnis is a stone’s throw away from the village heart.
Thanks to the range of stores and the atmospheric ambience of the harbor, there is always something going on in Middelharnis.

The railings have decorative elements, making them an eye-catcher of the property.

Delivery: 2020

15 07 2019

Greenville Leidsche Rijn in Utrecht

Greenville is a beautiful sustainable new construction project: 93 luxury apartments and 30 townhouses.

Here you will find the space of Leidsche Rijn, but be a stone’s throw from the center of Utrecht.

Following on from the work 101 apartments (Pennings) and 121 apartments Terwijde block B (Heijmans), Trahecon also supplied the third ongoing project in the Leidsche Rijn area.

Architect: Diederen Dirrix

Delivery: 2020

15 07 2019

Kade North Field 4 at Zutphen

Kade Noord concerns approximately 116 apartments and 18 houses and is realized in a beautiful waterfront location in the new housing estate Noorderhaven.

The lively city center is just a stone’s throw away, making this an ideal living environment for both young and old.

Architect: Zecc Architects BV

Delivery: 2021

08 07 2019

Harbour houses in Reeuwijk

In 2018, Trahecon, commissioned by Batenburg Bouw & Ontwikkeling, supplied and installed the balustrades for the first series of homes in the Oude Tol plan in Reeuwijk.

The next phase “20 Havenwoningen te Reeuwijk” was started in September 2019, where Trahecon again provided the balustrades.

Architect: Ben Kraan architects

02 07 2019

Martinus church in Gendt

22 fantastic new construction apartments in a green environment of Gendt.

The characteristic front of the church with tower Maria chapel and thus the history of this place was maintained.

The nave of the church was demolished, making way for 22 newly built apartments.
Trahecon supplied balustrades and spiral staircases for these apartments at the balconies and galleries.

A beautiful redevelopment, in which the existing building is incorporated into today’s architecture.

Client: Hendriks Bouw en Ontwikkeling

27 06 2019

Trudo Tower in Eindhoven

After the pleasant cooperation between Stam + De Koning Bouw (operating company VolkerWessels) during the DPD project in Eindhoven, Trahecon was commissioned to realize the balustrades for the Trudo Tower in Eindhoven.

The 70 meter high residential tower is the first real “forest flat” in the Netherlands. The forest apartment is inspired by Bosco Verticala in Milan.

Approximately 125 mature trees and 5,200 shrubs and plants have been planted in the green areas of the Trudo Tower.

Architect: Stefano Boeri Architetti

07 06 2019

Residential tower “Copenhagen” in Rotterdam

Impressive project in which Trahecon supplied approximately 1375 linear meters of balustrades for residential tower “Copenhagen” on behalf of Van Omme & De Groot Projectontwikkelaars en Bouwers.

17 05 2019

Westpoint at Vleuten

For the project 12 houses and 30 apartments Westpoint in Vleuten, Trahecon, commissioned by Ballast Nedam, supplied and assembled the balustrades.

The slat balustrades were mounted both on precast concrete and on the steel structure, where coordination with other suppliers was essential.

We are proud of the pleasant cooperation with Ballast Nedam – that gives confidence for the future!

10 05 2019

Transformation Ocean House in Rotterdam

The former Stokvis building on the Westzeedijk in Rotterdam has undergone a transformation. A total of 184 apartments have been realized. For this project, Trahecon, commissioned by IBB Kondor, produced and assembled various balustrades made of glass, steel and aluminum. The complex detailing in combination with the fixing was an excellent opportunity for Trahecon to show that we are a suitable partner for this type of project.

Architect: Mei architect and planners

Delivery: 2019

03 05 2019

MIDI Tilburg

MIDI Tilburg: a new construction project on the old site of Theater Midi.
There are 67 rental apartments realized.
As much variation, depth and dynamics as possible were applied to the side facades on the Panhuijsenpad and the Veemarktstraat so that the building adds value to the city of Tilburg.

Commissioned by Janssen Aannemers from Moergestel, Trahecon supplied and installed the balustrades.

Architect: Baudoin van Alphen Bergers architects interior architects

Delivery: 2019

26 04 2019

Beach hotel in Burgh Haamstede

After the successful collaboration with Bouwbedrijf Boogert for the Duinoord project in Burgh Haamstede, Trahecon was also commissioned for the Strandhotel (Fletcher hotel) at Torenweg 10 in Burgh Haamstede.

  • Fletcher hotel with 70 spacious hotel suites.
  • The building height of the hotel: max. 10 meters.
  • In the basement: a wellness and fitness area.

Architectural firm Ziggurat from Heenvliet was responsible for the design of the Strandhotel.

Trahecon supplied and installed various balustrades in combination with the steel spiral staircases.

Delivery: 2020

19 04 2019

Last subproject of Overmaas: Overmaat in Rotterdam

Following the subprojects Overture and Overtuin in Rotterdam, Trahecon realized fencing for the Overmaat sub-project. We received the order for the fencing for the Overture and Overtuin subprojects from Bouwbedrijf Boot. For subproject Overmaat we were commissioned by Martens Aannemingsbedrijf to realize the fencing. In short: Trahecon was able to realize the balustrades for the entire Overmaas project in Rotterdam!

Geurst & Schulze architects b.v., Architektenburo Kühne & Co, De Nile Architects

05 04 2019

Subprojects of Overmaas: Overture & Overtuin in Rotterdam

Commissioned by construction company Boot, Trahecon supplied and installed various balustrades for 65 new construction homes for the Overture and Overtuin subprojects. Overture consists of three subprojects: Overture, Overtuin and Overmaat. The new construction homes were built between Laan op Zuid and Hilledijk in Rotterdam.

Joke Vos Architects, JagerJanssen architects, Laila Ghait Architects, MASSA bureau for architecture

Delivery: 2019

11 01 2019

Kolping at Nijmegen

Project 16 apartments Kolping in Nijmegen. Trahecon was commissioned by Hendriks Bouw en Ontwikkeling to realize the fencing and frames this project.
Our organization gladly accepted the challenge to realize a beautiful project. We are proud of that!

View project

14 12 2018

Sancta Maria at Noordwijk

Commissioned by VORM, Trahecon realized the glass balustrades for the 4 apartment buildings.

7 12 2018

Z1 Leidsche Rijn Centrum | Utrecht

The residential complex Z1 B@ducated in Leidsche Rijn Centrum, located next to the previously completed work Z2 B@start, consists of 250 apartments spread over 6 floors. Trahecon was commissioned by De Vries en Verburg to supply and assemble steel stairs and railings for the building. In cooperation with Aldowa these were provided with honeycomb cladding.

View project

30 11 2018

Z2 Leidsche Rijn Centrum | Utrecht

The residential complex in Leidsche Rijn Centrum consists of 7 floors with a total of 149 apartments. Trahecon supplied and installed the fencing.

Client: De Vries en Verburg

View project

20 11 2018


Team Trahecon is proud to have collaborated on project Van Dorp in Rotterdam on behalf of Stebru.

View project

02 11 2018

A new level of ambition.
A new corporate identity.

Trahecon from Waalwijk produces and assembles high-quality fencing, balcony glazing, stairs and constructions. From engineering and production to planning and assembly, we constantly strive to meet and – where possible – exceed the high expectations of our clients. The appreciation for our approach and the confidence that clients place in us strengthens us in our growth ambition. In our view, this calls for a new brand identity, including a new slogan and house style. Contemporary, colorful and self-confident. Trahecon. Upwards together.