As a contractor, you require suppliers that meet certain norms and standards

Trahecon meets various conditions and has also obtained several certificates for this.

SCL Certified

Safety Cultural Ladder – Second step

In order to make our safety awareness procedures measurable, insightful and comparable, we started following the Safety Ladder in 2022. This certification demonstrates Trahecon’s commitment to safety awareness.

NTF Certified

Dutch Association for Steel Stairway Manufacturers

Since 2022 Trahecon has joined the Dutch trade association for steel stairway manufacturers, NTF. Manufacturing and installing stairways is a profession in its own right, and by joining the NTF we mean to demonstrate our skill in designing, producing, supplying and installing bespoke stairways.

EN 1090-1 Certified

CE marking for steel and aluminium constructions

As of 2013, all structural constructions must conform to standards set by the European Union. Consequently, CE markings are mandatory for all construction-related items that fall within these compliant categories. One of these standards is the EN-1090, which applies to all steel and aluminium construction products.

VCA Certified

Safety, Health and Environmental Checklist for Contractors 

VCA provides a great number of safeguards in order to work in high-risk environments in a safe, healthy and environmentally conscious manner.
Being VCA certified proves that Trahecon is able to adhere to the necessary legal health and safety procedures.

Our aim is to increase health and safety standards on both our own and our client’s construction sites, minimising workplace related incidents. Being VCA certified is mandatory for working in the Dutch construction industry.

Certified Apprenticeship Training Provider

We train professionals.

Trahecon complies with all of the quality requirements for apprenticeships and has therefore earned the relevant certification as supplied by the Dutch government.