Trahecon. Reaching new heights.

Trahecon, based in Waalwijk in the Netherlands, produces and installs high quality fencing, balustrades, glass railings, stairs, and related constructions. As our client, you are our valued partner every step of the way. From engineering to production, all the way to planning and installation, over the course of the process we go the extra mile for our clients. We share our expertise and combine our strengths in the belief that together, we can reach new heights. No matter how difficult the challenge, Trahecon has a bespoke solution for it all. Our client and solution focused staff make good on our promise: unburdening our busy clients by delivering the highest quality projects at a competitive price. Thanks to our highly developed processes, we deliver high quality products, a smooth experience, and complete successful projects time and time again. That is why our clients trust in us.


In 2030, there will be 18 million people living in the Netherlands. Attractive multi-storey new build homes will be in high demand, particularly in urbanised areas. In the upcoming decade, 1 million new build homes will be built, and 2.5 million will require extensive remodelling. Meanwhile, the commercial office space market struggles with an excess of roughly 10 million square meters in rentable floor space that they are unable to fill. A substantial number of empty office buildings are now being transformed into private residential homes. Due to the shortage of construction workers and the unique challenges that construction in densely populated areas provides, now more than ever there is a need for highly specialised and capable companies that can quickly and effectively insert themselves into the construction process. This helps relieve the pressure on the construction contractor when it comes to product innovation, engineering, project management, production and installation.


Trahecon, based in Waalwijk in the Netherlands and founded in 2008, is a leading and innovative company which provides construction projects – specifically new builds, transformations (from office buildings to private homes) or remodels – with high quality, highly durable and attractive stairs, fencing, balustrades and other constructions such as balconies, galleries, roof terraces and stairwells.
This is how we at Trahecon contribute to a visually pleasing, liveable, workable and safe environment for residents, visitors and other users of the buildings we are involved with. Our products are produced and installed bespoke based on the desires and specifications of our client, keeping them involved and in control every step of the way. By being involved from the early stages in the process, our clients benefit from our expertise in engineering, production and installation. As a committed partner throughout the construction process, we make good on our promises and unburden our busy clients.

Core values ​​of Trahecon

  • Expert, motivated and involved.

  • Constructive, inventive and innovative.

  • Client and solution focused both in thought and actions.

  • Diligent, quality conscious and steadfast.

Working Method

Trahecon functions as a One Stop Shop for her clients. We manage the full process: from engineering and production to planning and installation. Our clients enjoy working with us thanks to our efficient working method, in which “A Shared Vision” and “Lean Organisation” are key concepts. By working closely together within the construction chain, we deliver a superior quality end result. For instance, Trahecon utilises the same Building Information Model that architects, contractors, construction workers and subcontractors all make use of as well. By ensuring everyone works with one and the same 3D building model, the chance of any mistakes occurring is minimised. As a lean organisation, we focus on quality, good planning and foresight, and excellent service. Our planning process is designed to execute production processes just in time: not too early (as changes may occur during construction) and certainly not too late. In short, our clients know that at Trahecon we have it all figured out. Their favourite thing about us is that we streamline the process with integral solutions, rather than just delivering the physical product and calling it a day.