Weidse Weelde, Zoetermeer

We were commissioned by ERA Contour to work in Zoetermeer on the “Weidse Weelde” project. This project was designed by INBO and will run until 2024.

The apartment building extends over 13 floors, including the ground floor, with homes ranging from 84 to 152 m2. Eight different types of homes are offered, each with a unique style and location. Weidse Weelde includes 19 single-family homes and 67 apartments. The single-family homes vary from semi-detached houses to villas, and offer spacious spaces ranging from 170 m2 to no less than 215 m2.


Fencing and wall railings:
Approx. 550 meters of glass fencing
Approx. 120 meters of wall railings

Commissioned by: ERA Contour

Realization: 2022/2023